Saturday, February 13, 2010

Chuya Nakahara's hat

One day in Yamaguchi City 5932

Recently someone described me as having a fetish for manhole covers. Not sure if it's true and accurate, but I do find them a fascinating way to learn about places.

For anyone who truly has a fetish for them, Yuda Onsen in Yamaguchi Prefecture is the place to go. In this small town they have dozens and dozens of different designs.

One day in Yamaguchi City 5931

This group of four all show Chuya Nakahara' hat. He was a local boy who made quite a name for himself as a poet during the Taisho period. He was influenced by Dadaism and later French Symbolism, and though not so well known outside Japan was known for his avant gardeism and bohemianism, though apparently he is most wull known for the hat he wore.

One day in Yamaguchi City 5930

He died young at only 30 years of age. There is an excellent site in English on him here

One day in Yamaguchi City 5933

The town has a small museum containing his manuscripts and other materials from his short life.

One day in Yamaguchi City 5927


  1. Jake,don't despair, I also take photos of man hole covers whenever I'm in Japan.Some are amazing,my favorites are in Hiroshima (Carp supporters) also photo what I call street art,that step up from graffiti and street sculptures, of which Japan has thousands.You still inspire to carry on.

  2. Hey llewellyn
    I don't despair :)
    I haven7t seen any of those you mentioned in Hiroshima... must look more closely next time I'm there.

  3. I love manhole covers in Japan too! You always find such interesting ones.