Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Thanks to my wife


This is my beautiful wife Yoko.

One Day in Marrakesh 5175

While there are countless reasons for me to thank her, in this instance I'd like to thank her for all the help she patiently gives me with this blog.


I'm sure it is no fun researching obscure points in topics she has absolutely no interest in.



  1. These are very nice portraits. now I understand your insights!

  2. Your wife is beautiful and you certainly bring out much of her personality and beauty in your portraits! I love your photos and you are a wonderful photographer and artist!! And she a great researcher for finding all the great places for you to bring to us. I also want to thank you for your comment and giving my blog a visit!

  3. I have seen your wife around Gotsu/Sakurae at various occasions. She seems very nice. :)

  4. while i love most all of your photos, these are a level above. i guess it is a testiment to love...

  5. A lovely tribute to beautiful Yoko! I'll never forget her in her magnificent quilted coat the night of the Kagura dances at the hot-spring resort last fall.

  6. Fantastic tribute... I'm sure that her touch and thought is in every post you make, every photo you take. I think we now see a different depth and inspiration to your work. And we are very thankful for it.

  7. Enchantée Yoko, je suis heureuse de faire ta connaissance!!..
    Tu es très jolie..
    J'aime regarder les photos faites par ton mari de ce beau pays que j'aime et que je ne connais pas...
    Je vous souhaite une belle journée !!...