Wednesday, February 10, 2010

The view from the highest castle in Japan


Getting up to Bitchu Matsuyama castle, Japan's highest, is not very easy. There is no public transport up the steep road, though you can drive or take a taxi three quarters of the way up, there is still a steep climb to the top. From the bottom allow a good hour to walk up.


The view down to Takahashi, about 1,000 feet below is worth the climb though.
Takahashi and its castle doesn't get a lot of visitors as its not on the Shinkansen, but its worth a visit.


As well as the castle there are a lot of Edo-period buildings in one section of town and a wonderful zen garden. Nearby is a wonderful Tadao Ando building housing a large art museum. There's lots of signs in English.


The rest of Takahashi is a a fairly typical "cookie cutter" Japanese town.

Its located on the JR Hakubi line which connect Okayama City with Yonago, Matsue and Izumo.


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