Tuesday, October 13, 2009

October means Matsuri. Matsuri means Kagura. Part 4


Ichiyama Hachimangu is a much bigger shrine than the one we just visited over the river in Eno. We come to most matsuris at Ichiyama as a friend, Toshi, dances there.


When we got there they were still dancing Iwato.


Toshi dances the character Ame no Koyane, the mythical ancestor of the Nakatomi. Its quite a hard part to dance as Koyane is an old man so the dancer must move and dance with bent legs all the time.


Toshi danced in the next dance too, which must have been tough as kagura dancing is a hard workout. He played Hachiman's sidekick in the Yumi Hachiman dance.


Around 2 a.m., not long after the demons entrance we headed off to the next matsuri....


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