Friday, October 2, 2009

Busy, busy, busy...


Millet hung up to dry.

Been very busy this past month. I don't grow any rice, so I haven't needed to harvest that like everyone else round here. Have been receiving bags of really fresh rice from friends and neighbors though.

I've been busy dealing with the surplus of tomatoes, peppers etc, so been doing a lot of canning.

And now the matsuri season begins. Harvesting mostly done all the village shrines will be having their annual matsuri this month. Tomorrow, saturday, we have eight matsuris going on within a ten minute drive of our place.

Busy, busy, busy......


  1. Jake, It's great to see the Millet hanging. I would be interested to know how you use it and what you cook with it. Mother always made roti from the ground millet.

  2. Mostly we just add it to our bread to give some crunch :)

  3. That millet is awesome... and there is so much. All that is yours? You must be in the inaka. You have so many matsuri to go to... urayamashii! Have fun. I bet you'll get some great photos out of it! Can't wait.