Monday, October 5, 2009

Tallship Nadezhda

The 109 metre sail-training ship NADEZHDA out of Vladivostock is making a courtesy visit to Hamada this weekend.

When we got there on Sunday afternoon they were already almost finished furling the sails,

But there were still lots of crew up in the rigging.

There was a very festive atmosphere with local people putting on kagura and folk songs,

And the crew reciprocating with Russian songs and dancing.

We were allowed to wander around onboard, but weren't allowed below decks.

I spent an afternoon sailing on a similar boat a few decades ago when I lived in Falmouth while it was hosting the Tall Ships Race. Coincidentally that boat was also built at the Gdansk Shipyards in Poland.


  1. Interesting photos! We don't seem them that often in Yokohama. There was an occasion, but have to wait very long ques.

  2. Falmouth as in Falmouth, Massachusetts?

  3. No, the one Falmouth, Mass. is named after :)

  4. haha, the real one...we get tall ships from time to time in Mass., so I was curious.