Monday, October 12, 2009

October means Matsuri. Matsuri means Kagura. Part 3


Our next matsuri was in Eno, a small village on the Yato River. This was our first time to matsuri here. It's a fairly new shrine, established under the orders/instructions of Omotojin during shamanic possession at Omoto kagura across the river in Ichiyama. Next month there will be Omoto Kagura here.


The matsuri was well attended! After sitting down we were given 2 steaming bowls of wild boar stew, and later warmed Omiki, the sacred sake. :)


The first dance after the ceremonial dances (shinji) was Iwato.


Something I've never seen before in performances of Iwato was that during Uzume's dance the other "kami" joined in playing the intruments.


Playing before the home crowd is always tough as locals are the toughest critics.


The next dance was Yumi Hachiman with the usual spectacular demons entrance. Around midnight we had to leave as there were 2 more matsuris to visit this night.


  1. Shoes are arranged and photographed good...all the rest of the picture denoting cultural activities seems to attractive...I like this..

  2. Oh first of all thank you..really its great showed us glimpses of cultural activities of japan with colorful pictures

  3. Good for you! Keep up the good work. chance to Know japanese Cultures.