Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Izumo Dome. The biggest wooden building in Japan.


Depending on how you define "biggest" or "largest", then the Izumo Dome is the biggest wooden building in Japan. Most sources give the biggest wooden building in the WORLD as the Great Hall housing the Buddha at Todai-Ji in Nara, but the Izumo Dome is a little taller, and has a larger base area, but because of its shape it contains a smaller volume than Todai-Ji.


Anyway, its a pretty impressive structure. Built in 1992, and designed by the Kajima Corporation, it stands more than 49 metres high and has a diameter of 143 metres.


The design is modelled on a Japanese umbrella, and the translucent skin means no artificial lighting is needed during the daytime. It doesn't actually get used much as there are no pro sports team in the area, and most days a 200yen entrance fee will get you inside to look around.


Its located about 10k from Izumo Station, not too far from Izumo taisha, close the the Kitayama mountains.




  1. another great example of a completely unnecessary public works project,eh. At least the folks in Shimane Pref. decided on something visually appealing.

  2. all the local schools get to use it.... more useful than the roads and tunnels that are still being built...

  3. Outstanding pics as usual; especially like the 4th and 5th.

  4. What a beautiful building. I would like one of those. But maybe a bit smaller. How does it sound inside when the wind is blowing? Does the snow slide off and make noise? I am trying to imagine it and how it looks inside during the day. What are it's dimensions?


  5. Ya'a'tee Ya-zzzz

    there are more photos of it her...

  6. Beautiful "glimpse" as usual! I look forward to the results of your roamings.

  7. It's just beautiful Jake, thanks for sharing them here

  8. I used to ride my bicycle by here a few days a week, but never went in. What a shame.

  9. Thats incredible! I thought Nara at your title, and that is so impressive-especially with the naked eye. But this shape! And wood!! Incredible!!! I want to see it.

  10. If you take the sleeper train from Tokyo to Izumo you go past it :)

  11. Andrew Nyorik NibuJuly 9, 2012 at 10:46 PM

    The building was really fantastic, made of wooden structure and moreoer, the dome was rotating. Cricket field in the building. I am not sure the situation now. My visit to the dome was way back in September 2000 i.e. almost 11 years ago. Hope some one can update me on the present situation.