Saturday, August 29, 2009

An umbrella at Matsuo Shrine

A morning at Matsuo Shrine 4556

Just 4 shots of a red Japanese umbrella I saw at Matsuo Shrine near Kyoto.

My favorite is the last one.

A morning at Matsuo Shrine 4557

A morning at Matsuo Shrine 4558

A morning at Matsuo Shrine 4559


  1. I like them all. The first is my favorite. I like the way the color of the umbrella is repeated in the tree on the left. I like that it feels like I am walking under the umbrella into the forest. The last one has the most interesting texture. Is that a tear that was repaired?


  2. Incredible pics. Anyway, I missed it when I was in Kyoto years back. Hopefully, one day I have the opportunity to see it. Great.