Monday, August 31, 2009

Monsters in the garden

February in my village 3671

Found a whole bunch of these critters under some rotting wood.

I gave them to a friend's sons, because they ( the critters, not the boys) turn into.....

kk6626 of the most popular pets for young boys in Japan, Kabuto Mushi.

It's the biggest beetle in Japan, and Kabuto means "samurai helmet".


In English we call them Rhinocerous Beetle.


I found this monster after it had eaten half of one of my tomato plants. We get a few every year, but this one was the biggest I've seen,... it was as long as my hand. If it was in the U.S. it would become a Luna Moth. Not sure what they become here.


  1. wonderful monsters !!!!!
    Happy Blog Day 2009 !!!!

  2. Good Lord.

    If my wife would ever see those she would scream.

  3. these beetles can't sing and those critters sure good for my dragonfish, arowana.