Saturday, May 29, 2021

Kitsuki Samurai Residence Interiors.


The small, castle town of Kitsuki in Oita is home to a preservation district of former samura homes from the Edo Period, several of which are open to the public.

Previously I have posted on the Samurai District, the Exteriors of some of the residences, and the gardens of the residences. This time I show some of the interiors.

Unusually, in one of the houses they had a fire going in the traditional kitchen stove, and you could experience just how smoky such places were without the technology of chimneys.

Traditional Japanese houses are known for having little furniture, but in some of the rooms there were some as well as some artworks and such.

Being close to the castle, these residences were occupied by the higher ranking samurai of the domain. Kitsuki is one of my favorite small, castle towns and has yet to be spoilt by mass tourism.

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  1. In the picture of the kitchen area with a fire burning you say 'Unusually, in one of the houses they had a fire going...', did you really mean 'Unusually'? I've been to Japanese House Museums where they usually have a fire going in at least one house because the smoke preserves the wood structures.

    1. I have seen it before, but the majority of open houses, as opposed perhaps to museums, have not had a fire going