Saturday, October 17, 2020

Samurai Gardens of Kitsuki

Kitsuki's Samurai Gardens

Kitsuki in Kyushu.

Kitsuki is a small, historic castle town in Oita. It is claimed to be the smallest castle in Japan. To the west of the castle, on a high bluff overlooking the town, is a former samurai district.
Kitsuki samurai garden.

About half a dozen of these former samurai homes are open to the public, and as these were fairly high ranking sanurai, their homes were large and included gardens.

For this post I have chosen to focus on views of the garden from inside the houses.

Kitsuki is on the southern edge of the Kunisaki Peninsula, an area I am rather fond of, and these photos were taken on the 4th day of my walk around the peninsula during a November, so the gardens had some good autumn colors.

Samurai gardens of Kitsuki.


Kabosu Juice From Oita Prefecture


  1. Thanks so much for a lovely autumn !

  2. I want one! (home, but samurai could be in the package ;-))
    Ahhh... ♥

  3. These are some of the best in composition and contrasts I have observed.