Saturday, January 16, 2021

Former Kyusendo Forest Museum


Overhanging the cliffs of the Kumagawa River, and on the opposite side of the road to the Kyusendo cave, this unusual structure used to house the Kyusendo Forest Museum.

Built in 1985, domes are rarely found in Japan, and it looks almost Middle-Eastern. It was still open when I was in the area, but I did not venture inside.

Like so many monumental buildings in rural Japan I suspect it never even came close to making any money and its upkeep would have been substantial.

Still,  the architect, construction companies, and most importantly, the concrete companies will have made a handsome profit.


  1. This is crazy. I love it! Comes right out of an anime.

  2. quita an amazing building ! thank you !

  3. Perfect location for a 4-star retreat or perhaps hotel.

  4. Is that place located here?

    I live in Japan and that's the closest I could get. But I can confirm this only 90%. Anyone has more input?

    1. Thanks Jake. It's weird that Google Earth only shows the top of this building, and only a very distorted sideview

    2. If you look in streetview from the road across the river you see what I took shots of