Saturday, January 30, 2021

Shunkoji Temple Yatsushiro


After four days of following the Kumagawa River downstream, on day 44 of my walk around Kyushu I emerge from the mountains onto the estuary and coastal plain of Yatsushiro.

The city is still some miles distant, but its skyline is dominated by the multiple, belching smokestacks of the giant papermill. However, along the edge of the mountains are numerous shrines and temples and the first I visit is Shunkoji.

It is deserted, but not quite feeling abandoned, it was the family temple of the Matsui Clan who ruled over the area from their castle in Yatsushiro. Here are the tombs of Matsui Family.

There was little statuary, and the tombs were not appealing to me, however the Fall colors did attract me. Shunkoji is a Rinzai Zen temple.

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