Monday, February 9, 2015

Fudo Myo O of Shikoku part 7


The Daishi-do in Oda Town in the mountains of Ehime south of Matsuyama, is a zenkonyado, a free place for pilgrims to spend the night. Obviously the main statue is Kobo Daishi, but there was also this nice one of Fudo.....


Along the path leading to temple 44, Daiho-ji, in Kumakogen, Ehime.


2 views of the statue on the approach path to temple 45, Iwaya-ji. also in Kumakogen, Ehime.


Iwaya-ji is a mountain temple and had many statues of Fudo, more of which I will post next time.


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  1. The amazing creativity of the statues of Fudo Myo which is your favorite Buddhist deity!
    I saw your other notes about this subject .
    A wonderful job indeed
    Thank You