Friday, February 20, 2015

A Barn Built by Giants

Usually when I post about architecture it is about modern structures built in out of the way places during the heady days of Japans Bubble Economy when rural towns were encouraged to build grand palaces of culture using major architects indulging themselves with massive budgets.

This structure I found in the countryside of southern Kagoshima does not fit that pattern. I doubt an architect had much, if any, input. It is a barn of a local farm that is constructed out of huge tree trunks and stumps that look as if it was put together by giants.

The farmer who built it obviously went to a great deal of effort, time, and expense to build it using what appears to be the leftover scrap from some logging of ancient forest.  Obviously there is some  skill in construction and engineering involved, but it would seem to be a fairly impractical way to build a barn. There is obviously a large amount of whimsy and eccentricity at play.

It certainly brought a smile to my face and I'm sure it would do to others who come across this barn by chance.


  1. oh, ♥ it! :-D
    I bet there will be someone who will write a story inspired by this barn. it's awesome!

  2. weird, eccentric, fascinating...... thanks for the pics. Never seen such enigmatic, clumsy, collapsed looking architecture. Here's me thinking Dubai was the king of crass!!

  3. It's awesome!
    So fascinating person!!!
    Splendid photos
    Thanks for sharing

  4. have not been able to quit thinking about this barn...

  5. What lovely photos of architecture! I hope you can get to see the Kuryu museum at Byodo-in temple in Uji - really stunning. Thanks!