Sunday, December 8, 2013

Ushitora Shrine


The next stop along the Onomichi Temple Walk is Ushitora Shrine, founded in the mid 9th Century and therefore believed to be the oldest shrine in the town.


The shrine is set in a grove of massive camphor trees the oldest of which is more than 900 years old. The ropeway up the mountain now passes over the shrine.


The 4 kami enshrined in the main shrine are Izanagi, Amaterasu, Susano, and Kibitsuhiko.


There are a lot of secondary shrines in the grounds including a large pyramidical rock, but the only one I could be sure of was an Inari Shrine.


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  1. Great photos and thanks much for the information. Incidentally, your blog posts of Ushitora Shrine, Tenneji and Myosenji were pretty much the only ones I found that were devoted to them.