Sunday, December 15, 2013

Kami Kamagari Island


After crossing the Kamagari Bridge from Shimokamagari Island I had two choices of route to cross Kami kamagari Island, one road hugs the north coast, and one the south. I chose the south as it appeared to be less populated and after crossing the bridge I noticed most traffic taking the north route. The view to the south across small islands towards Shikoku I also expected to be nicer than looking at mainland Hiroshima.


There were no houses along the road, but there were a couple of big quarries biting huge holes out of the steep slopes.


Looks to me like they were producing aggregate and there were several small piers extending into the sea which is obviously how the material was transported out.


Occasionaly a small beach appeared. Supposedly the southern peninsular of the island is home to the best beach in Hiroshima, and one of the top 100 beaches of Japan, but I did not venture to that part of the island.


High up on the mountainside I could see a large statues of Kannon, but no way was I going to climb up to investigate.


The road veered away from the coast, avoiding the settlements, and plunged through a new tunnel to emerge at the bridge taking me over to the next island, my destination for the evening.


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