Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Shikoku 88 Temple 15 Kokubunji


In the middle of the eighth Century Emperor Shomu established Kokubunji in every province. They were "state-protecting" monasteries and nunneries with the dual function of protecting the ruling elite and extending central control over the provinces.


The Kokubunji in Awa Province was established by Gyogi, though all that remains of the original is one of the huge foundation stones that supported the pagoda.


Like so many other temples in Shikoku this one was burnt to the ground by Chosokabe in the 16th Century. It was rebuilt in the middle of the 18th Century ans established as a Soto Zen temple.


The main deity is Yakushi Nyorai, the healing buddha, and legend has it the statues was carved by Gyogi.

There is a ruined Muromachi period garden behnd the temple but I was in severe pain and in a hurry to finish for the day and get to my hotel so I did not try to see it.


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