Monday, September 10, 2012

Kintaikyo Bridge


Iwakuni in Yamaguchi is most well known for its Kintaikyo Bridge.


Originally built in 1673 by the first Lord of Iwakuni who built Iwakuni castle on top the mountain.


The unique 5-arched bridge spans the Nishiki River and is 200 meters long and 5 meters wide.


One of the 3 Great Bridges of Japan, it was originally built without using any nails and reconstructed several times but the current version, built following a disasterous typhoon and flood in 1950, does.


Until 1868 only the Daimyo and his vassals could cross the bridge, but since then it has been open to all people, for a small entrance fee.


  1. The bridge as well as the castle are very nice!
    I think the best time to visit is in spring, but I never got around to visit then.
    I went in summer many years ago.
    Thanks for sharing! :)