Thursday, July 19, 2012

Fudo Myo o of Shikoku

Of all the Buddhist deities in Japan I think Fudo Myoo is my favorite. Associated strongly with Shingon its not surprising that statues of Fudo Myoo are plentiful on the Shikoku Pilgrimage.

One of the fascinations is with the diversity of representations, from statues executed by artists to cruder images made by "folk". These first two are both found at temple 1, Ryozenji.

This rather unusual one is found at Temple 2, Gokurakuji, and Fudo Myoo is accompanied by a pair of attendants, Kongara and Seitaka.

The flames behind Fudo Myoo in this fairly modern sculpture are carved in an unusual way. It is located at temple 7, Jurakuji. The flames represent the purification of the mind by the burning away of all material desires.

This modern version which stands along the entrance way to temple 12, Shosanji. What is unusual about this one is that both his "fangs" are pointing down. Usually one is up and one is down.

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  1. Fudo Myoo is my favourite too (though the lesser-known Zao Gongen ranks a close second). What appeals to me is the 'never give up' determination that Fudo Myoo exemplifies and that while he looks fearsome, the fierceness is directed towards enemies, like sloth and lethargy... He's just the friendly fierce fellow you'd like to have beside you in the trenches!!