Thursday, June 9, 2011

Vacation 2011 Day 3 Slough


The second day of my vacation was a long one spent mostly in airports and on planes. It was made longer by the fact that BA aircrew wouldnt fly into Narita because of radiation worries and so we had to divert to Korea to change crews.

Day three found me in Slough!!!.... not a place I had ever been to before, and nothing particularly noteworthy about the place except its where the comedy series " The Office" is set. I headed south along footpaths towards the Thames. Brick building are appealing after so long in Japan....


I walked along the Thames a few miles into Eton, home of the famous school that has "educated" the ruling classes of Britain for centuries.


Dont have much interest except again there was a lot of nice brick architecture.


After Eton I crossed the river to Windsor and visited the castle, somewhere else I have never been before. Ridiculouslu expensive and packed with tourists from all corners of the globe, I was disappointed not to be invited in for tea, but guess the queen was not home that day.

Built by William the Conqueror, though much added to since then, it is the longest continuously inhabited castle in Europe.


I felt absolutely no compulsion whatsoever to stand next to the guard and make peace signs with both my hands. Obviously not been in japan long enough.


The Long Walk, 2.65 miles, runs from the castle out into Windsor Great Park, most of which is now public.


Took the train back to Slough. The new bus station looks to be an interesting building when its finished. Apparently Slough is getting a facelift.


  1. Was all ready to make a joke about 'Slough food,' until I checked the pronunciation.
    (Damn Americans can't speak English...)

  2. Nice article and pictures, I was already thinking is this Japan.

  3. Great pictures! There are some old brick buildings in Maizuru that look similar to the first picture--I thought it was one of those at first glance.