Sunday, August 1, 2010

The Bridge over the River Go


I've already posted on our very own candy colored bridge that crosses the Gonokawa. Between it and the sea 20k downstream there are 4 more bridges over the river. This first one is about halfway down the river and crosses over to Kawahira.


The next 3 all cross the river at Gotsu. The first is the most recent, a doubledecker built 17 years ago. The upper level carries the Gotsu bypass, and the lower level is for local traffic between Watazu and Gotsu Honmachi. It is used on the local manhole cover design.


The next one is the bridge that carries the single railway track of the Sanin JR line. It was built in 1920.


The last bridge before the sea is the one that carries Route 9 through Gotsu.


From there its just a few hundred meters to the mouth of the river and the open sea beyond. The east bank is very sandy.


The west bank has the huge factory and of course tetrapods.


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