Friday, August 20, 2010

Vacation 2010 Day 6: Nuremberg


After the Mercedes Benz Museum in Stuttgart I hopped a train to Nuremberg. I had a room inside the old town walls, so spent the afternoon wandering around there. Nuremberg was once the unofficial capital of the Holy Roman Empire, so of course there are many large churches and cathedrals.


There are some pretty impressive large temples in japan, but the main differences between those and European cathedrals I noted were that the combination of height and light made for quite a different focus. In temples usually the only light is focused on the statues, whereas in cathedrals the building itself was the focus. Focusing in versus out.


I didn't stop in here for lunch as I am not overly fond of sushi.


The Hangmans Bridge crosses the River Pegnitz. Apparently contact with the hangman was avoided so he had his own bridge.


More churches........


The big surprise was just down a narrow alley from my hotel. The new Museum of Modern Art cleverly uses a curved glass facade to reflect the surrounding traditional architecture and therefore avoids standing out like a sore thumb.


In the foyer was a wonderful spiral staircase...


  1. Sushi Nagoya serves decent food. Went in there once. The fun part was that it serves all these Asian foods but looks like a normal German Kneipe. Really weird actually.

  2. Great observation about temples v. cathedrals. Yeah... I don't like to sushi outside of Japan all that much. I could go for a Tucher though. yum!

  3. great shots you got here, thanks for your wonderful posts. These opened my eyes to a Japan that's seen in lenses. cheers always.