Saturday, February 6, 2010

Concrete Wabi Sabi: Virgin tetrapods

Last Weekend2044

I like this photo because without any scale referance one could be looking at something architectural, a stadium maybe.

Last Weekend2028

But in fact its just a line of new tetrapods waiting to go in place to "protect" the riverbank.


New concrete can have an aesthetic quality, in my opinion.


There are tetrapod production sites all over the place. Mostly they are made in situ, you just need the molds and a constant stream of cement trucks.

Last Weekend2052

I havent been able to find the numbers, but I'm willing to bet that Japan leads the world in the number of cement trucks per capita.



  1. Mountain of cement(ed) rivers. Pretty fortunate to have had some of the nearby storm drains covered with some concrete covers. There were a couple of guys that knocked them together over a few weeks on some abandoned patch of land.

  2. A concreted river becomes little more than a drain :)

  3. These are some of the best pictures of tetrapods I've seen.

  4. It's quite interesting, your thinking about the aesthetics of tetrapods. I appreciate your viewpoint, and based on these lovely photos, I'm inclined to agree!

  5. I once heard it said that the Japanese have a wonderful sense of beauty,..... but no sense of ugliness.

  6. I have never seen similar structures, I like them, I would like to have the chance of create similar ones, I have been studying to be an architect since I was 22 years old!

  7. "A concreted river becomes little more than a drain" As a geographer I agree
    These are the best pictures of tetrapods I've seen.