Saturday, January 23, 2010

The seven bridges of Daiwa.


Daiwa Town is a collection of villages along the middle reaches of the Gonokawa River. With the recent spate of consolidations it is now considered part of Misato-cho.


It's a pretty area, and other than a couple of onsens there are no tourist attractions. We go up there sometimes to visit a potter friend whose work can be seen here.


Seven bridges cross the Gonokawa within the town boundary, and these bridges form the design for the towns manhole covers.


Here are some photos of just a couple of them.


  1. Hello OJISANJAKE,

    Just to let you know that I like very much your blog and photos so I added it to my blogroll.

    Glimpses from unfamiliar Japan is also what I (mainly) wanted to post on my blog but often I go for the more flashy photos (that's what the people like most and after all it is alo part of Japan).

    Best regards


  2. konnichiwa,
    i love your way to discover the hidden parts of Japan...such a lovely country!keep shooting+have a good weekend, greetings from Europe!

  3. I always love photos of the different manhole covers in Japan. I love the third picture; the contrast between the rocks and the bridge and awesome.

  4. One of the best videos on JR rail travel.