Friday, May 22, 2009

Nichihara Town

A walk from Tsuwano to Masuda 7114

This is the draincover for Nichihara in Shimane, located on Route 9 about halfway between Masuda and Tsuwano. In 2005 it became part of Tsuwano. The design shows a catfish and some sweetfish (ayu). The Takatsu River that flows through Nichihara has a reputation for being one of the cleanest rivers in Japan, and a lot of people come here to fish for the sweetfish. Thats probably why the catfish is so happy.

A walk from Tsuwano to Masuda 7100

I passed through the town on a walk from Tsuwano to Masuda, and saw the draincover just in front of an abandoned Pachinko Parlor.

A walk from Tsuwano to Masuda 7103

The parlor is no longer there. Probably a convenience store or a new pachinko parlor has replaced it.

A walk from Tsuwano to Masuda 7096

According to ancient beliefs, a giant catfish that lives underground is responsible for causing earthquakes. A fascinating article on the catfish in Japanese folklore.


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