Thursday, May 7, 2009

The views from Kaikyo Yume Tower

One day in Shimonoseki 949

The 360 degree views from the tower are well worth the 600 yen entrance fee.
To the NE the Kanmon bridge connecting Honshu with Kyushu

One day in Shimonoseki 951

To the NW, Ganryujima Island

One day in Shimonoseki 952

To the south, Kitakyushu.

One day in Shimonoseki 953

Below, a fairly typical Japanese urban scene.


  1. Nice photos :) Especially the first one. I think I saw in Mega Structures episode in National Geographic about that bridge where there are some robots deployed to check any corrosion of the bridge. Anyway, thanks for sharing.

  2. Did you enjoy coffee in cafe there ? I realy liked that coffee shop. I think it got best coffee shop view in the world.

  3. didnt have a coffee..... I think it has the best views of any tower I've been up in Japan.