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Friday, October 27, 2023

Onsen Shrine Unzen


The main shrine in the hot spring resort of Unzen high up in the mountains of the Shimabara Peninsula is now known simply as Onsen Shrine.

However, it was earlier known as Shinmengu Shrine, a reference to the four kami enshrined here known as Oshinmen, the "four faces".

The four kami enshrined here are Shirahiwake, Takehiwake, Toyohiwake, and Toyokujihine.

Thes are what the Kojiki refers to as the four faces of Tsukushi, the ancient name for Kyushu, and are said to be four brothers who rules over the island. Quite probably they were four distinct tribes as Takehiwake ruled over the Kumaso who fought against the Yamato and probably became the Hayato.

There are 17 branch Onsen/Shinme shrines scattered across the Shimabara Peninsula.

The shrine has recently become known as a "powaa spot" because of a pair of persimmon trees growing together that are said to symbolise romantic pairing.

The previous post was on Ryushoji Temple, the primary reason I was in the area.