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Thursday, May 8, 2014

Hihara Shrine

This is another ancient shrine listed in the Izumo Fudoki. The main kami enshrined here is Ohirumemuchi, which is either an old name for Amaterasu, or, as some sources suggest, a kami-shamaness who became Amaterasu after death.

Ohirumemuchi was the primary kami of Suika Shinto, an Edo period ant-buddhist school of "shinto" that was heavily confucianist and was predicated on the Tokugawas right to rule.

The other two kami enshrined here are Amenohibaraoshinadomi and Wakatsukushimenokami, and all that is known of them is that they were among the many, many descendants of Okuninushi.

There is a very large quartz rock known as Hall of Mirrors, that is supposedly very sparky and reflective when wet.

There is also a huge, ancient Katsura tree that is registered as a National Monument. It is 40 meters tall and the trunk has a girth of 14 meters.