Wednesday, June 12, 2024

Taikoiwa Fudoson Magaibutsu


The Taikoiwa Fudoson Magaibutsu is a massive cliff-carving of  Fudo Myo carved into a cliff face more than 400 meters above sea level on Mount Kurokami in Saga between Takeo and Arita.

The views down over rural Saga are stupendous.

Mount Kurokami was a center of Shugendo mountain worship since ancient times, though the carving was not made until 1948.

It is about 7 meters tall and at its base is a huge circular mirror.

Cliff carvings are rare in Japan, but the vast majority that do exist are found in nearby Oita.

The Kunisaki peninsula in Oita has many magaibutsu including the Kumano Mgaibutsu which includes another large Fudo. Further south around Usuki are some of the most exquisite magaibutsu in Japan.

The previous post was on the small temple just below the Fudoson.


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