Tuesday, June 4, 2024

Fudo Myo at Fudo-ji Temple


At more than 400 meters above sea level, Fudoji is a small Shingon temple close to the top of Mount Kurokami near Takeo in Saga.

A few hundred meters down the road  below Saikomitsu Temple, once a major Shugendo center and I am guessing Fudoji was/is a sub temple connected to Saikomitsu.

As would be expected there are numerous Fudo Myo statues around the temple and along a path that leads further up the mountain.

What it leads to, a giant cliff carving of Fudo, I will cover later.

There were also numerous other statues, and these too I will cover in the next post.

Saikomitsu was having a ceremony the next day which explains all the fresh flowers with the statues.

The previous post was.Saikomitsu Temple.


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