Tuesday, March 21, 2023

Hizen Komainu


Hizen was the name of the province that is now the prefectures of Saga and Nagasaki. The pair of komainu, guardian lion-dogs, in the first three photos are referred to as Hizen style.

They are found in Inanushi Shrine in Koitagata, Saga, close to Fumyozan Koya Temple.

They are almost abstract in design, and not at all sophisticated

All the other photos are komainu I encountered at other shrines on the same day as I walked from Saga to Takeo Onsen.

None of them are at all similar in style to the first pair, leading me to think the first pair are not really Hizen style, but rather just locally created by a less than high level mason.

Hizen certainly has its own style of Torii, shrine entrance gate, and to those I turn in my nest post.


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