Saturday, March 11, 2023

Chibu Island to Nishinoshima Island


Chibu is the smallest and the southernmost of the 4 inhabited islands in the Oki Islands in the Sea of Japan off the north coast of Shimane. Along with Nishinoshima and Ama, the cluster of three smaller islands are known collectively as Dozen. The largest island, somewhat separate from Dozen, is Dogo.

The Oki Islands are volcanic in origin and are the remains of a sunken caldera. Their unique geological and natural and cultural features have led to them being registered as a UNESCO Global Geopark.

The large car ferries that connect to the mainland also run between the islands, but more frequent, smaller, faster ferries carrying only passengers also operate, and these shots were taken from the one connecting Kurii on Chibu to Beppu on Nishinoshima.

Nishinoshima is rather convoluted in shape, and a large part of the journey travels through the channel separating Shishinoshima from Ama.

I really like the Okis, and this was my third visit. Excellent seafood, friendly locals, unique culture, great views, and fabulously clear seas, as can be seen in the first photo.

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