Tuesday, January 3, 2023

Ryuo-in Temple 60 Kyushu Pilgrimage

Ryuo-in Temple 60 Kyushu

Ryuo-in Temple 60 Kyushu Pilgrimage.

Ryuo-in was established in 1965 and enshrines Fudo Myo, with this large, colorful statue of Fudo at the entrance on the main road which was the Nagasaki Kaido in historical times between Saga and Tosu.


The grounds are quite large and the structure on the right of the photo was for car safety rituals.

Torii gates.

The large Inari shrine in the front of the grounds made it clear that this was a religious site, otherwise, the architecture did not....

Ryuo-in Temple 60 Kyushu Pilgrimage.

Ryuo-in is a branch of the famous Naritasan temple up in Chiba....

Ryuo-in Temple 60 Kyushu Pilgrimage.

The main hall looked like a 60's town hall or museum. Other Naritasan branches I had visited also had unusual architecture.


Just outside Kurume, the Naritasan Temple there is home to a Giant Kannon statue, and a few days before that I visited another branch of naritasan in northern Kumamoto.



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