Friday, August 13, 2021

Yakumo Honjin


Yakumo Honjin is the name given to this large, traditional residence located in settlement  Shinji, located about halfway between Matsue City and Izumo City on the southern shore of Lake Shinji.

It was formerly the residence of the wealthy Kowata Family who had been here since the eary 16th cetury and were major landowners and also involved in commercial activities.

Located on the San-in-do, the major highway that ran through the region, the residence was used as a honjin, a place where lords and high-ranking officials could spend the night while traveling. Another honjin was in Hirata on the north side of the lake.

The main building dates back to 1733, however the properry is now huge as several other Edo Period buildings that belonged to high-ranking vassals of the lord in Matsue have been reassembled here.

One room has been left as it was when the Crown Prince stopped here for lunch while toring in the Taisho Period. The carpet, table, decirations etc are original.

On display throught the property are artworks and artifacts, some of which I will post later. The property also has a fine Izumo-style garden which I will also post later.


  1. what are the sticks next to the cushions for?

  2. wonderful photos ! thanks a lot !
    I remember visiting there many years ago . . .