Monday, August 9, 2021

Kubota Residence Gardens

Hagi in Yamaguchi is a former castle town that is home to a lot of historical and traditional architecture including several Preservation Districts.

In the merchant district, one of the houses open to the public is the former residence of  the  Kubota Family who were drapers and later sake brewers.

Their house, built in the mid Edo Period has two small gardens, a front one walled off grom the main street, and a courtyard one viewable from three sides.

Not as grand as the gardens of the Kikuya Residence which is directly on the other side of the street, but they are pleasant enough and you will usually have the place to yourself.

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  1. Strange. As I see these pictures, it is the first time I find gardens a blend of art(ificial) beauty and freaking need of control with a lot of love for what one is creating... :-D

  2. Oh! They have the best rocks. I love gardens, thanks