Monday, February 1, 2021

Furufumotoinari Shrine


Immediately adjacent to Shunkoji Temple was a series of vermillion torii heading up the hillside straddling a steep staircase.

Vermillion torii can found in front of grand, imperial-connected shrines, as well as small roadshide shrines, but when there are lots of them close together it is usually indicating, as it does here, an Inari Shrine.

On the climb up there are several smaller hokora type inari shrines, and quite high up a series of larger buildings. At the high point of the hills beyond there used to be a small castle, so it's possible this shrine was connected to it.

From the main shrine the path, and torii continued up the mountain to a smaller, less visited shrine. This was in all probability the original shrine. There were great views down onto Yatsushiro.

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