Thursday, February 25, 2016

Wakamitsu Inari Shrine


Wakamitsu Inari Shrine is located right next to Nose Hachimangu in Iizuka, Fukuoka Prefecture.


This is one of the most unusual fox statues I've seen,


I couldn't find a date for its establishment, though it is known that the cult of Inari became very popular in the Edo Period. Depending on how you define "shrine" either Inari, or the neighboring Hachiman are considered to be the most common shrines in Japan.


Interestingly, neither Hachiman nor Inari are mentioned in the Kojiki or Nihonshoki, and both have origins connected to the continent and also to Buddhism, but are now firmly identified with "native shinto".



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    1. I know you are an old comment but watch Oblivion Island it tells the tale of an old fox legend that dates back to the Feudal Era Japan really interesting but mis understood spirits. If you enjoy anime like Spirited Away I highly recommend it.