Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Hinobori Shrine

I am afraid I know absolutely nothing about this shrine. It is a mystery. usually shrines have their name in a carved nameplate on the torii, but not here. usually a shrine will have a painted wooden nameplate over the door of the main hall, but not here.

Its located near the village of Hinobori, about one kilometer from Sanja Shrine, but halfway between Sanja Shrine and this one Google maps goes into "no detail" mode so I couldnt find its name that way either.

I was able to find a list of shrines in Hinobori, but it uses an old style of address that is no longer useable. It is obviously more used than Sanja Shrine as evidenced by the fairly recent masonry and newish komainu.

So many new komainu are done in a modern, national style, so it was nice to see that here they were done in the traditional Izumo style, with haunches raised.

EDIT...... I have since learned that this is a hachimangu shrine.


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