Friday, March 8, 2013

Fudo Myo O of Shikoku part 2

More photos of Fudo Myo I encountered while walking around Shikoku on the 88 temple Pilgrimage. This one was by the roadside along the river not far from temple 13 Dainichi-Ji. Often these "folk" images are more evocative than the more expensively produced "high" art of the temples.

At Dainichiji temple was not a Fudo statue per se, rather Kurikara, the sword carried by Fudo and that is often represented being held by a dragon.

This other small one was by the roadside on the approach to Temple 18, Onzan-ji

This much newer statue is at Temple 19, Tatsue-ji. Interestingly he is holding a chain rather than a rope.

The mountaintop temple 20 Kakurin-ji during a typhoon....

Another folk image by the roadside between temples 21 and 22


  1. Wonderful, and each one an indivitual by himself!
    Thanks so much, Jake