Friday, March 8, 2013

Fudo Myo O of Shikoku part 2


More photos of Fudo Myo I encountered while walking around Shikoku on the 88 temple Pilgrimage. This one was by the roadside along the river not far from temple 13 Dainichi-Ji. Often these "folk" images are more evocative than the more expensively produced "high" art of the temples.


This other small one was by the roadside on the approach to Temple 18, Onzan-ji


This much newer statue is at Temple 19, Tatsue-ji. Interestingly he is holding a chain rather than a rope.


The mountaintop temple 20 Kakurin-ji during a typhoon....


Another folk image by the roadside between temples 21 and 22

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  1. Wonderful, and each one an indivitual by himself!
    Thanks so much, Jake