Sunday, June 10, 2012



The draincover for the town of Kotohira in Kagawa on Shikoku, depicts pilgrims ascending the steps of Konpira-san.


Known also as Kotohira-gu, or simply Konpira Shrine, it was a major pilgrimage site with millions coming from all over Japan.


In total there are 1,368 steps to reach the highest shrine, but the vast majority nowadays only climb to the main shrine at 785 steps.


Most of the way up is lined with souvenir shops and eating establishments.


From the main shrine there are expansive views and I imagine the views from the top must be more impressive.


  1. I went to Kotohira last year in spring.
    The view from the top is actually not as breathtaking. Too many trees are in the way!

  2. That last picture is really nice.

    You said it was a major pilgrimage site. Is nothing compared to what it used to be?

  3. The town of Kotohira grew up providing lodgings and entertainment for the pilgrims and is still does though for tourists and not on the same scale. I believe it is still the most popular shrine on Shikoku though.

  4. Wow, you're lucky to have gone on a quiet day. When I went there were hundreds of people there....

    I climbed that conical volcano in the last photo. It's called Mt. Iino (aka Sannuki-Fuji) and well worth a visit if you get a chance to go back

  5. Hi Wes..... it was 7am ... it was busier when I came down.....

  6. That's a pretty nice blog with nice photos and a huge collection of manhole covers ....