Saturday, June 23, 2012

A Walk from Honshu to Shikoku Day 3


I woke at first light and was already over the bridge onto Oshima when the sun came up. My route took me along the coast a little before pretty much heading straight through the middle of the island. the current running along the coast was very, very strong. There were a couple of shrines to visit along the 10k route, but not much else.


At the southern end of the island I came to the final section, the triple Kurushima Kaikyo Bridge, three connected suspension bridges that together make the longest suspension bridge structure in the world. The bridges are a hair over 4k long, but with the long, windy, access path for cyclists is closer to 7k.


The views from the height of the bridges were stupendous.... it helped that the weather was glorious...


I got to Shikoku around noon. There were a surprisingly large number of people walking over the bridges....

It had taken me 3 days to walk the 70k..... actually an afternoon, a long day, and a morning, so it could be walked in 2 days, but 4 days would be better to give time to explore.....



  1. I worked for a week last year on Oshima, making fish cakes. Took a scooter to Onomichi and back one day. A very nice stretch, nice job walking it.

  2. Looking over these pictures reminds me of why I love to travel. I have to give props for your walking such a distance, too! There's something meditative and fulfilling about getting from one point to another step by step.