Saturday, September 17, 2011

Magaibutsu of Kunisaki


magaibutsu are buddhist carvings carved directly into cliff faces or rock outcroppings or cave walls rather than carved out of a piece of stone. Magaibutsu never became as poular in japan as they were on the Asian mainland, but they can be found all over Japan. Most however are found in the Kunisaki peninsular of northern Kysushu. This first one is of Dainichi Nyorai and is 6 meters tall.


Right next to it is this 8 meter tall carving of Fudo Myo o, and together they are known as the Kumano Magaibutsu. they are believed to be the oldest and biggest magaibutsu in japan.


Another large one is this one of Fudo Myo with two attendants on a river. Its 3.2 meters high.


There are many many more smaller ones scattered all over the peninsulat



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