Monday, September 5, 2011

They're back!!!


We hadn't seen hide nor hair of the monkeys for about three months, then last week I was sitting at my computer and heard a noise on the roof above me.


Our persimmon trees have started to become laden with persimmons.... still a ways from being ripe, but the monkeys quite like them that way.


When I went out the front door to sneak around the side of the house to try and get some good shots I heard a bang above me and a half-eaten pumpkin rolled off the roof and landed in front of me.


The thief climbed up the power pole and ran along the electric line, jumped on to my chicken shack and bounded off into the forest....


  1. I'm glad all I have to deal with are raccoons, that first fellow looks like he could be nasty and greedy!

  2. sheesh! I wonder if we have any around here!That would be worse than the stray cats pooping in my flower beds!

  3. These photos are fabulous. It is great being able to see the expressions on their faces. I am surprised that they inhabit an area so close to the coast (is that right, Gotsu is near the coast?). But then I guess there are those famous monkeys on Koshima who wash their sweet potatoes in the sea to get a salty flavour (see, so they must do.