Wednesday, May 18, 2011

More ceremonies at Shunki Taisai


As well as the main ceremony at the Shunki Taisai there were several other ceremonies going on during the day. In one of the secondary shrines Miko Mai was performed several times during the day.


Three priests also took part in the ritual and no-one else was within the shrine.


As is obvious to anyone reading this blog, I am quite fascinated by Miko and their costumes. Lots of previous posts can be found here.


In the main hall of the shrine there was a continuous set of purification ceremonies going on all day for those wishing to pay for the service.


Down below the main shrine was a special shrine just for cars. Most areas will have a shrine or temple that specializes in rituals for car blessing and driving safety, but this was the first time I had seen an area specifically set up for it.


The number of ceremonies and services offered by shrines has increased in the post-war years as shrines do not have access to the lucrative funeral business that funds Buddhism.


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