Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Vacation 2010 Day 13: Truro and The Lizard


From Helston I head to head into Truro for some business. The countryside is covered with the ruins of the old engine houses that pumped water from the tin mines.


Truro is a city and the capital of Cornwall. I'm not sure how a city is defined in Japan, I suspect it is simply a decision rendered by the government, but I knbow in the UK what defines a city, as opposed to a town, is the presence of a cathedral.


Its not a very old cathedral, as cathedrals go. Construction began in 1880, and it was completely finished in 1910.


Ive been to Truro hundreds of times, but I think this was the first time I have ever actually gone inside!!


After Truro, time to head down the the Lizard, the southernmost tip of mainland Britain, but first a stop at one of the cliff-top hotels for a Cornish Cream Tea.....


I lived down on the Lizard for a winter, and I have walked the coast path around it several times....


  1. I see a hint of equipment. Might be interesting if sometime in the future you'd do a post on your cameras. posted by cj gordon

  2. Hi cj..... not much of a camera freak...;(
    these were taken with a Sony DSC H50.... a superzoom, not a DSLR, though the lens got screwed up in last summers heat and humidity so now I do actually own a Sony DSLR.