Thursday, January 6, 2011

Hatsumode, January 2nd, Kyoto, Part 2


We wanted to visit Okazaki Shrine, but even on the afternoon of the 2nd the line waiting to get in was several hundred meters long. The reason is that the shrine has a famous statue of a rabbit. It is connected with fertility, so maybe we will see a spike in births in Kyoto in about 9 months.


Next up was Kumano Wakaoji Shrine, located at the southern end of the Philosophers Walk.

Here we were given some Amazake, a delicious warm sake drink with masses of ginger added.


Just behind the shrine were several small shrines and a nice little waterfall. The offerings here were less ostentatious.


You cannot go far in Kyoto without coming across Japanese umbrellas used in front of shops and restaurants.


Then on to Awata Shrine, a nice neighborhood shrine in the hills above Gion that seemed to be only visited by locals, and not tourists.


I lived in Kyoto when I first moved to Japan, but I didnt really explore it much. It is nice to come back and play the tourist and see it with different eyes.


The giant torii of Heian Jingu with snow falling on the mountains to the north.


Last stop was Yasaka Shrine, and even as evening approached on the second day of the new year it was still very crowded.



  1. I went to school in Ibaraki, Osaka for a short while, and I regret that I did not try to be there during New Year's. I claim ignorance.

  2. Wakaoji is one of my favorite shrines in Kyoto, for obvious reasons...

  3. Good morning.
    I start my day by visiting your... photos. :)