Friday, January 7, 2011

Vacation 2010 Day 12: St. Ives


I got off the sleeper in Penzance to black skies and a howling wind, but a quick bus trip to St Ives on the north coast brought clearing skies and a bit of sunshine.

Not a tetrapod in sight!


The inner harbour was much calmer.

I spent a winter living not too far from St Ives, but it had been many years since I had been back.


Not much had changed, the same narrow streets and alleys with stone buildings that will in all probability still be here in another hundred years.


The one addition, and the only really modern building in the town was the Tate West, a gallery of contemporary art that I had never been to. The art and the architecture were OK.


On the hillside above the gallery a huge cemetery provided its residents with a great view.


Next was a revisit to Barbara Hepworths old house and studio, now a museum and sculpture garden to the world famous sculptress who lived and died here.


A little bit of wabi sabi that you are unlikely to find in Japan.......


  1. the first picture is particularly beautiful...great light

  2. How lovely to see St Ives through your eyes, thank you.

  3. "Not a tetrapod in sight!"

    No pirates either. Are you sure this was Penzance and not Bournemouth?

    Wonderful photos.

  4. Looks like a nice place on the beach.

  5. Hi Jeffrey..... never been to Bournemouth..... penzance was overcast and black.... this is St Ives...

  6. Hi Lis..... more of Cornwall and Devon to come.....

  7. A nice place to live -- St. Ives.

  8. Wow, fantastic pictures and really interesting angles/depth!
    At first I thought the sculpture picture was somewhere in space with planets and all...

  9. Great photo work... and did it bring back fond memories (from when you lived not that far away)?

    I think it can be quite weird to return to those places you've lived... sometimes it can be like stepping back into someone else's life; or like shoes that no longer fit. Of course - it can also be like pulling on a comfy top that you keep in the bottom of the drawer, and always fits just right.

    I am guessing those days feel a long time ago?

  10. Hi Ben..... actually not. Usually when I return somewhere or see old friends its as if it was only yeaterday....