Friday, September 3, 2010

Vacation 2010 Day 7: Nuremberg


Next day in Nuremberg was blessed with the same fine weather as the day before, so I set off early to explore the parts of the old town I hadn't visited the afternoon before.


I headed up to the castle (or castles) that overlook the old town. Though Nuremberg had been virtually destroyed by bombing during the war I was impressed with how the old town had been restored back to its former glory.


It was also nice to be around so many stone buildings.


At lunchtime I met up with some friends and they drove me out of town into the countryside.


Since living in Japan I have come to appreciate the countryside of Europe......


That night I went to my friends's bands last concert of their European tour.

I decided to walk from the concert hall back into the city center to catch an early morning train.

I misunderstood directions I was given and spent several hours wandering around in the suburbs.....


  1. nope.... its my vacation from japan....

  2. Not quite Japan yet still amazing.
    Glad you appreciate old Europe's countryside; what's the band name, though?

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